Jan 13 2016

New player status:
I’m finishing the prototype so you can see a sample soon.
I have two styles or directions to go in…
The goal is that both formats will be able to be turned into native Android and Iphone apps with tools like PhoneGap.
I want users to be able to monetize their games if they want, and this format is the best way to get there.
I will most likely first push out… Read More »

Jan 3 2016 – Welcome new year!

Welcome to the new year everyone!  Thanks for checking in with what’s new with RAGS.  I am working on the new update to the system.  I am making several changes and pushing out a web only format.  This version will use only javascript, utilizing bootstrap and other common libraries and  html 5 features so your games will be playable by everyone.
This version will have a redesigned engine and interface.  This… Read More »

December 10, 2015 – Still here!

Hey guys, I’m still here!  Just wanted to give you a quick update!
I lost my primary job and had to hunt for a new job.  I have a new job and have started to get back into the swing of things.  I hope to have something new for you guys soon!  As always, keep your suggestions coming.
If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments below!
Thanks… Read More »

Jul 24, 2015 New WPF release 3.0.60

We have a new beta release of the WPF engine.  This version corrects several bugs and adds the ability to layer images on the compass displays.  The method duplicates the current layering method on the main and portrait displays.
We also get the author information window back in the WPF Rags Player.
I had to switch up installers.  I am temporarily using a very “simple” installer that doesn’t check .net prerequisites and… Read More »

March 9’th 2015 – Moved to Florida

So, I left the cold behind and moved to warm, sunny Florida.  The move is still a work in progress…I need to move into the rental and unload all my stuff once the moving truck arrives.  Give me another week or two to really get set up down here and I’ll get back to adding in all your enhancements and bug fixes.
Thanks for your patience!

Jan 21, 2015 slight update…

The load button was not working properly on the web player.  This has been corrected in 3.0.59.  Please update now.

Jan 21, 2015 Big update for the web player! 3.0.58

So I finally got a new update…some minor bug fixes, but the big change is with the web player.
There is no longer a .bin file you need to load to play a game.  This was a big point of contention and made the interface rather clunky.
When you export a game to web format you get three files now.
and Silverlight.js
That is all you need.  Simply run your html file and enjoy… Read More »

Nov 11, 2014 3.0.57 Update out

This new release corrects several issues and integrates many enhancements.
The look of the picture and room thumb borders are thicker now when actions are available and they’re back to green.
We now have the ability to customize the localization of the spell check abilities
The debug text has been modified to be more obvious
The tree views are now sorted so we can easily find images, objects, and variables.
various other bugs and issues

Nov 4, 2014 Update 3.0.56 release today

New update to the Rags 3 system.
This corrects some issues with blank entries in MDA arrays.  I also corrected some other null reference errors when people randomly click around the MDA potentially causing issues.
I’ve enhanced the silverlight web player as well, correcting minor issues.

Oct 27 2014 – 3.0.55 is up

OK, I released 3.0.55 today which corrects several bugs.
The most important bug is the inability to save and load with the desktop player.  This has been corrected.
Other minor annoyances with the designer have been corrected as well.
As we approach a clean, solid, stable build and release we will quickly move to a production release of the new suite.
Thanks for all your help as you report any issues or inconveniences you… Read More »